Who are we?

Centre for International Initiatives (Centrum Inicjatyw Międzynarodowych, CIM) is an independent and apolitical think tank, focusing its activities on studying and analysing multifaceted contemporary international relations. It brings together individuals who have both theoretical knowledge and first-hand experience of international politics and policy making, predominantly working in these domains on an everyday basis. They are professionally involved, inter alia, in public administration, international organisations, non-governmental sector, research institutions and academia.

CIM was created as an association back in late 2010 by young graduates of both the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and the University of Warsaw, inspired by an idea that they had something unique and fresh to contribute to the public debate in the area of their expertise.

Our mission

The mission of the Center for International Initiatives is to promote the knowledge of international politics and to actively contribute to strengthening the civil society in Poland and abroad. We want to take part in the public debate on the most important contemporary issues; we want to create a climate of mutual understanding, exchange of experience, skills and ideas; we want to build an association of individuals open to the world, focusing on their own development in interaction with the others. The starting point of our reflections and discussions are current international events while our perspective is deeply rooted in the European and Polish cultural heritage. Our initiative has no ideological or political profile.

Our experts

The team of CIM experts brings together specialists with professional experience in diplomacy, international organisations, public administration, European and Polish think tanks and transnational corporations. They conduct research in their areas of expertise, they also contribute to the professionalization and development of the Polish debate on international relations by presenting the results of their research at international and national conferences and in scientific publications. You can see our current members here.

What do we do?

  • Research and policy analysis (books, analyses, reports, blog)
  • Media commentaries
  • Public events: conferences, seminars, expert debates, trainings
  • Internship programme for students interested in politics and international relations

Work with us